My New YouTube channel!

DAY 2 RECIPE 5.00_02_30_02.Still004

My dear friends, it is with great excitement and little trepidation that I make this announcement: I have launched a YouTube channel dedicated to home-cooking, featuring brand new, easy recipes that cater from everyone. From Vegan cakes, to easy focaccia, gluten free cookies, sturdy sausage stews and home-made pasta! This is a major undertaking as it is entirely, 100% my own effort. I have written the content, tested the recipes, styled the set (my own kitchen!), prepped the food, washed the dishes, and broken a few glasses in the process (clumsy!) Then I hired a camera team and we shot it, at my house, while the kids were at school and baby Luna was snoozing or quietly playing in the background (sometimes you can hear her cooing too). Over 2 massive days we managed to record 10 mini episodes that I plan to release over the next weeks, with two already available on my channel.

This has been an entirely different process to the shows I have previously made with SBS and ABC. Although I was indeed a creator, writer and producer of my shows, I also had a team of expert TV professionals to guide me along the way, in a effort to create something that was entertaining and in line with the broadcasting network. I have been very lucky to be able to produce two shows like MADE IN ITALY and SILVIA’S ITALIAN TABLE, but the time seems ripe now for me to try and build my own content, in a simpler and very authentic way. This is me, in my Sydney kitchen, with no fancy lighting, equipment or elaborate make up. This is as close as it gets to being in the room with me. No bells and whistles. And no commercial breaks either!

I truly hope you enjoy the experience. Please take a moment to visit my channel and subscribe (it’s free and easy) and if you like the content, please comment and share, so we can create a nice community of like minded people. The more of you take the time to support this and subscribe, the more I am able to produce more content, so I thank you sincerely for your support.

Silvia Colloca Food Channel

That’s all for now, love

Silvia xxx

DAY 2 RECIPE 2.00_05_53_11.Still003.png

DAY 1 RECIPE 6.00_04_14_07.Still006.png

DAY 1 RECIPE 7.00_05_01_00.Still003

DAY 1 RECIPE 5.00_00_09_00.Still002.png

DAY 1 RECIPE 7.00_03_37_08.Still001.png

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  1. Teri Knapp says:

    Hats off to you! I am a first generation ItalianAmerican trying to keep the family recipes/memories alive. So appreciate your efforts. xoxo teri


    1. Thanks, Teri, I appreciate it greatly!

  2. Maria says:

    Tante grazie Silvia, can you send the link?

    1. The link is everywhere in the body of the post!

  3. Rob says:

    I am afraid that like Maria, I cannot see the links 😱

    1. Where are you viewing from?

      1. Rob says:

        Thanks, I did find a link but it is strange that they just look like the rest of the text and not very “linky”. I enjoyed the clips to date. 🍰🍷

  4. Kerry says:

    Congratulations silvia

  5. Gail Mclean says:

    Hi.. I luv ur food . Can I tell me what is the third or 4th picture on ur channel intro that is covered with cream and cherries.. are they chocolate meringues or something else.?? Can u let me know! Thk u

    1. It’s a pavlova. Check out the channel for the recipe

  6. Susan Fomiatti says:

    Fantastic Sylvia. Loved your TV shows, Bought your books. Love your cooking so thanks for your hard work and effort in putting this together. We’re in for a great time in the Kitchen. Hubby will be happy.

    1. Thanks for the support!

  7. Maria says:

    Got it🙂
    Good luck!

  8. Paul Marsland says:

    Bravissima Silvia.
    You are doing the Abruzzese and the green heart of Europe proud.
    Saluti, Paul, Stellucci.

  9. How exciting!! I will gladly follow you. You are such an inspiration to me and my little blog. Talking about good food, family, and friends — ahhhh! Isn’t that what it’s all about? It will be great feeling as if I’m in the kitchen with you — amiche, si? I hope you’ll send announcements each time you have another new episode. Buon weekend.

    1. Thank you! I just love how the love for preparing food make us all connect! Un caro saluto!

  10. Rowan says:

    Hi Silvia, the link doesn’t show up clearly on iPads, it’s there just not very clear. Something to consider to help the UX. Once you find it, it looks great. Best wishes with the channel.

    1. Thanks Rowan, much appreciated!

  11. Leona Holt says:

    All the best with your new channel Silvia. Look at how amazing those tomatoes are in the first photo! I can imagine how fantastic they would be, reminds me of the ones my Dad used to grown in his garden, never tasted anything better.

    1. Yes, those tomatoes were amazing…

  12. Maria Pirotta says:

    Silvia I love your cooking. I should really be cooking more gluten free recipes but cannot find a gluten free home made pasta recipe. Do you do a gluten free pasta? Thank you

    1. Hi Maria, I am working on one…stay tuned!

  13. Catherine says:

    Hi Silvia,
    Are you able to post the recipes somewhere as it’s great to see you making them on You Tube but I can’t find the recipes anywhere. Especially would love the sweet and savoury tarts you made recently.

    1. All the recipes are written in detail in the video description in the youtube channel.

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