Pizza, breads and other yeasted goods

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Wholemeal Focaccia with olives and chillies

Gluten free bread

Autum Harvest Grape Focaccia

Gluten Free Turkish Bread

Gluten free soft buns

Pumpkin Seed Bread Rolls

Chia seeds bread rolls


Spelt and Oats no-knead bread

Home-made Sourdough

No-knead bread



Ciabatta Bread

Italian focaccia

Pan Carre (Sandwich bread) 

Chickpea Bread 

White wine and olive oil flat bread -Pizza Scima- 

Baguettes (French Bread sticks)

Olive and rosemary bread rolls made in the food processor


Italian Olive Oil Bread


Savoury Donuts, Frittelle

Focaccia Pugliese, Apulian style Focaccia

Bruschetta with Oxheart Tomatoes

Schiacciata Toscana (Italian flat bread)






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  1. Xan Dunn says:

    Holy cow…I am a sucker for anything bread! And I’m also a health nut! The common doctrine currently is that you can’t have carbs and be in good shape! Sooooo, are you saying these are legitimately healthy?

    1. Yes, I am!
      Xan, unless you are celiac or diabetic, carbs are not simply good for you, they are essential to keep you well! Therefore,yes, bread is good for you.
      Having said this, you have to distinguish between good breads and no-so-good ones… The not-so-good ones are those soft, sugar and fat-loaded bombs you buy at some Bakery chains… In general, the softer ad the whiter the bread the more sugar and fat it contains. Good bread is made of organic stone-ground flour, water, salt and yeast.
      I go by the credo that “the carbs are not the problem, what you put on them is!”. A poached egg served with a slice of avocado on sourdough toast will be good for you. A cheap-white bread sandwich loaded with butter mayo and filled with salami, will, not surpassingly, be bad for you!

  2. Heli says:

    Sorry, please ignore my earlier question, I found it. Tomorrow I bake!

  3. Anna says:

    I fully agree Silvia! I do not why people think that carbs make them fat! We need (good) carbs! And like you said, it is all about which sauce do you use for the pasta/rice, what do you put on your sandwich? I love that you fight for the carbs! On the other hand, it is sad that they should be fought for.

  4. M says:

    Those Baguettes look great…will try this weekend!

    1. Great! Let me know how you go!

  5. Jenni Pruiti-Ciarello says:

    Silvia, Do you have a great yeast free or little yeast bread/pizza dough?
    ciao Jenni

  6. Elvira Morello says:

    Silvia I still cannot find the recipe for Rosemary and raisin buns and the pastry for the Italian strudel on the internet. Please can you give me the exact site. Thank you , Elvira

  7. Corri Wiedemann says:

    Have just made your Tuscan Rosemary and Raisin buns and I wanted to check if the quantities you gave are correct. The dough is VERY dry and I’ve had to add extra water to it as its kneading because it didnt incorporate all the flour. It certainly wasn’t the sticky dough as shown in your show. So looks like I won’t have “nice soft buns!”

  8. Jennifer Boer says:

    I saw you make cottage cheese with milk, cream and lemon juice. I’ve tried making it with my limited ingredients here in PNG, but can’t get it to curdle, can you let me have the recipe please, and I’ll try again- i only have long life milk and cream

    1. I’m not sure how the lemon reacted with long life milk… the recipe is here for you to peruse

  9. Lynette says:

    Hi Silvia, I am on a mission to make my own starter and bread! Do you have any advice into the brand or type of flour that is best to use? Thanks

    1. Anything that is unbleached or stone ground would be my preference!

  10. ramyaja2000 says:

    Hey Silvia!
    Come stai?
    I watch your show occasionally on fox life and i really, really like it. One of the main reasons: you do cook vegetarian italian dishes. I think you’d be happy to hear that I’m currently learning italian online just so that i can converse in italian in italy and relish authentic pizzas.
    Also, could you share a dessert recipe using dark chocolate(i need to finish it :P)

    1. Please feel free to search this blog for many vegetarian recipes and chocolate cakes as well.

  11. Jules' Blog says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    I am making the Olive Oil Crackers from your new book Love, Laugh Bake, and the dough seems a bit runny. I checked the ingredients and I have not made an error with quantities. It is also not rising much after 1.5 hours following the first mix/knead. Help!

    Kind regards,

  12. Lidia R says:

    Can you tell me, how much live yeast I should use in a bread or pizza dough recipe , to replace the dry yeast.
    Thank you. Lidia

    1. Do you mean sourdough culture of fresh brewer yeast?

  13. Paula Daniel says:

    Hi Silvia, I have been making your breads from Love, Laugh , Bake and each loaf is better than the last, the sourdoughs get a good crust and the texture is less dense. I find that they don’t rise much in the oven, so could be my oven. Thought I’d try a pot like the blue one you use. Can you tell me how big the pot should be? Thanks 🙂

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