Meat, fish and vegetarian second courses


Roasted snapper

Chicken Diavola

Chicken, sausage and pumpkin bake

Root vegetables oven chips

Pallotte Cacio e Ova (Stale bread and pecorino dumplings)

Chicken bake

Quinoa and chicken salad

Italian Roast Rib-Eye or T-bone (Fiorentina) 

Polpette, meatballs

Pork stew

Mussle Soup in White Wine

Cannellini beans stew

Ricotta Dumplings (gnudi)

DSC_0970 (1)


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6 thoughts on “Meat, fish and vegetarian second courses

  1. Yesterday 11 December 2014 I was watching your show. You cooked lamb but I had few vino and can’t remeber. Can you please send me recipies so that I can cook for x-mas. I like your shows. Merry x–mas chou

  2. Just saw your show for first time and loved it. Can’t wait to buy your book. You make it look so easy that even I will give it a go. Many thanks Barbara from Sydney Australia

  3. I made your grilled prawns filled with breadcrumbs and a gremolata from a delicious magazine from late 2014.They were wonderful .I want to make them for Christmas but I have lost the magazine.Could you please give me this great recipe

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