Sweets, cakes, candy and all things naughty and nice

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Lemon and olive oil ciambella

Mini bundt cakes with chocolate drizzle

Gluten free marmalade scones

Almond crunch amaretti (gluten free)

Easy Raspberry Tart

Fudgy, crackly choc cookies

Cocoa Swirl Pavlova

Santa’s Cookies

Vegan banana, raspberry and coconut bread

Blueberry, chia and olive oil cakes 

Almond, pear and olive oil cake

Christmas Ciambella

Almond and pomegranate meringues

Gluten-free lemonade cakes

Spelt Brownies

Fig and Pistachio Frangipane Tart

Hazelnut and Chocolate cake

Cocoa swirled meringue (Meringhe variegate)

X’mas Almond Cookies (Paste di Mandorle)


Cinnamon Butter Cookies

Lemon cookies


Mascarpone Scones

Dark Chocolate and Walnut Flourless Cake

Lemon and Ricotta cake

Ciambellone della Nonna

Lemon cake with Vanilla frosting 

Biscotti with blood orange and macadamia nuts 

Pumpkin, Orange and Cinnamon Bread  

Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake

Spiced Angel Cookies

Chocolate Covered Candied Orange Peel

Chocolate Covered Caramels

Golden Syrup, chocolate and oats cookies

Espresso-spiked Cocoa and Almond spread

Berry Milk Pops

Almond, Orange and Blackberry Cakes

Hazelnut Amaretti

Easter Colomba

Scrolls and Easter buns

No-bake Chocolate and Mascarpone Truffle Cake

Italia Cream Puffs (Bigne’ alla crema)

Mini X’mas Pavlovas

Home-made Panettone with figs and white wine

Buttermilk, Olive oil and Chocolate Chips Cake

Home-made Granola with Agave, Cinnamon and EVOO

Coconut and Dark Chocolate Macaroons

Apple, Ricotta and evoo Muffins





25 thoughts on “Sweets, cakes, candy and all things naughty and nice

  1. Hi Sylvia
    A few weeks back on Facebook you posted a pic of a Lemon and Vanilla slice type delicacy. Will you be posting the recipe?

    • Dear Corri

      I’m sorry it’s taking so long to post that recipe. The truth is that I’m not 100% satisfied with the recipe yet… Looks good, but the taste is still a work in progress.Watch this space though!

  2. Thanks Silvia. Happy to wait until its perfect! The fig and pistachio tart worked out beautifully by the way. Just got abit confused as to what size tart tin to use but managed to muddle my wY through.

  3. I just returned from my first trip to Italy!! I t was a magnificent trip! Along the way, I ate Olive Oil cake, the best, in my opinion was at Dario Cecchini’s butcher shop in Tuscany. Can you please provide a recipe for me that would be similar to his, if you can? Thanks so much!!!

  4. Hi Silvia
    I bake your Olive Oil Apricot cake every week using whatever fruit and nuts I have on hand. Have even used a jar of sour cherries and swapped the lemon zest for orange zest and walnuts on top. This is our new favourite cake. Thanks for sharing it. Baked it last night then walked around the city to see Vivid.The cake was devoured when we came home. YUM!

  5. I’m looking for a sweet ricotta donut recipe. My mum thought she saw one on your show but we can’t find the recipe. Do you have one?

  6. My mother grew up in Ascoli Piceno I was hoping that perhaps you could replicate the delicious chocolate ravioli (chocolate filling with chest nuts), also the sweet ricotta ravioli. Gems from Le Marche. I can’t find a recipe close enough. The pastry would bubble in the oil and then mum would roll the tasty delight in caster sugar. I know the pastry did have oil and it was yellow maybe because orange rind. So delicious. I miss mum and her cooking specially around Christmas.

  7. Hi Silvia,
    I was just watching your show on the food network and loved the recipe however missed the name and now can’t find it online.
    You made a dough, then rolled it into sausages, cut it into approx gnocchi size pieces and fried it in oil. You then melted honey and added the cooked dough to the honey pot before serving around an oiled cup and letting set for a couple of hours.
    Can you please send me a link for where to find this recipe?
    Kindest regards

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