WOK X POT, a YouTube show starring Marion Grasby and Silvia Colloca

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Marion and I have teamed up to create a new, unique 9-epsiode show exclusive to YouTube! In each episode we choose a theme, such as family meals, classic recipes, desserts or quick dinners, and I cook an Italian dish while Marion creates an Asian one. We launched the show in October 2018 and we are stoked by the reception! Thanks so much for your support! Keep sharing the love and make sure you are subscribed to our channels, so that we may go back for season 2!!!

WOK X POT episode land every Saturday morning at 11 am

Episode 1: Home-made noodles, Silvia’s Cannelloni and Marion Pad see Ew. Click here for recipe. Click here for the video

WOK x POT S1-E2_Homemade-Ricotta, Spinach Cannelloni6

Episode 2: Dessert.Silvia’s Tiramisù and Marion’s Fried Ice-cream. Click here for recipe, click here for the video recipe

WOK x POT S1-E4_The Dessert Wars_Classic Tiramisu-8

Episode 3: 20-minute dinners: Silvia’s spaghetti vongole and Marion’s spicy Prawn stir fry. Click here for the recipe and click here for the video.

WOK x POT S1-E6_20 Mins. Dinner-Spicy Prawn & Stir-fry2

Episode 4 :Street Food. Silvia’s ultimate calamari and Marion’s pork and prawn noodle soup. Click here for the recipe and here for the video.

WOK x POT S1-E7_Street food wars_Ultimate Fried Calamari-11

Episode 5, Traditional recipes: Classic Bolognese and Authentic Pad Thai. Click here for the recipe and click here for the video

WOK x POT S1-E1_Traditional-Pad Thai3

WOK x POT S1-E1_Traditional-Bolognese14

Episode 6, Soups. Silvia make gluten free Pea and pancetta soup with crispy potato skins and Marion makes traditional Tom Yum soup. Click here for the recipes and here for the video.



Episode 7, cooking hacks! One-pot puttanesca and Crispy baked chicken wings. For the recipe click here  for the video recipe click here 




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