Silvia’s Cucina, the cookbook!


My dear friends, it is with great trepidation and excitement that I can finally announce to you all that my first cookbook, Silvia’s Cucina will be released  in stores and online on September 25! This is just a day after the wonderful Matt Moran will host my book launch at his restaurant, Chiswick. Have I won the lottery, I wonder?                                                                              I have had the honour of being hand-picked by the delightful Julie Gibbs at Penguin Australia amongst a multitude of food bloggers. To this day I can’t quite fathom why she chose my blog and my story over so many on offer to her, but, here I am, exuding pride and joy as I share with you such exciting news. One thing is for sure, I would not be writing this post hadn’t I been so lucky to gather such a generous and loyal readership, so keen to explore my recipes, try them and share them with friends and family. To you all, GRAZIE MILLE! The process of writing this book has been exceptionally creative and fulfilling and it took about 18 months to go from first day of writing, to print. But there it is, my legacy in 220 pages!                         Take a look at a few images (photos by Chris Chen) and let me know what you think!



My Mum’s Roasted Capsicum Salad

pp72-3 roast capsicum salad_014

Il Peposo, A Feisty Tuscan Stew

pp152-3 tuscan stew_012

Torta Gianduja, flourless dark chocolate and hazelnut cake

pp168-9 torta gianduja_018

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41 thoughts on “Silvia’s Cucina, the cookbook!

  1. Silvia, congratulations on you new cookbook. There no doubt it will be a complete success. I been through about 30 of your blog recipes all with great success, I can’t wait to purchase you book. Would there be a way to get a autographed copy. I am here in the USA

  2. Silvia!!! I just got goosebumps reading this!!!! I am SO excited for you. Your recipes are absolutely lovey- and the photos and styling above are STUNNING! I cannot wait to have a copy of your book. Well done! Xoxo Emilie 🙂

  3. Complimenti! Silvia, I can tell you exactly why you were selected for the book deal. Your work is professional, and beautiful – oh, and by the way amica, your recipes work! Also, to be frank, your are truly beautiful, and these days publishers are looking for what they call “the whole package.” This is just so thrilling. It must be like having another baby! These photographs are glorious. I wish you utmost success! Bravissima!

  4. Silvia, heartiest congratulations and a well deserved success. I just love Italian cuisine and every time I have used your recipes they have come out excellent even looking like the photos that accompany your recipe. Anyway like many of your fans also am wondering whether there will be a public book launch and will there be a chance to purchase autographed copies. I want 5 so far!

    • Dear Paul, thanks so much for your support! We had a launch last week, but it was a private event, alas! If you send me your address I can organize for signed Penguin book plates to be sent to you.

      All the best

  5. Thank you for letting us know when your book launches, I have been waiting for it to come out! Congratulations Silvia, I know it will be my most used cook book.

  6. Will contact my local book store, “the book store”
    in DeFuniak Springs, Fl.(that’s the pan handle, NW FL.). Quite awhile since I have purchased a new cook book.
    Cent anno!, Dorothy

      • Know how important it is to share, and pass it forward. My brother-in-law, the late John C. Schoenherr,( miss him so), and his son, Ian G.Schoenherr,Both artists, illustrators and writers. Wish I could have it signed, but more important to just have it!
        Boun appetto, Dorothy Becchinelli
        Please forgive any misspelled words!

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