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  1. Juan says:

    Hi Silvia , I’m readying one of your sourdough recipes, I’m so excited to keep experimenting, and I had two questions, that’ll be awesome if you could help me out . You mentioned in the instruction saying : Please use oven mitts . I have a forced fan oven and not quite sure of how to go about temperature before putting the cast iron in and then once I put the dough carefully inside (should I put it with the lid on to have the entire heated cast iron pot ? ).
    Also what do you suggest in regards of a sourdough starter, so far I’ve started my home bakers trials using the dry yeast (Lowan dry premium bakers yeast) but the sourdough starter sounds like something I want to give a go , however I’m still unsure on how to make it , how to use it and how could I adapt to other recipes that don’t give you the sourdough starter quantities to use.

    Thanks again Sílvia for your time, and thanks again for inspiring me to start my bread journey, I’m loving it .

    1. Hi Juan, try my sourdough starter, it’s really fail proof! And yes, heat up the pot with the lid, then carefully, with mitts, remove the lid, slide bread in and, with mitts, pop the lid back on and bake like that for 35 minutes. Then, with mitts, remove lid and bake for another 10-15minutes. good luck!

      1. Juan Pablo de Anda says:

        Thanks so much Silvia !

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