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Spaghetti vongole

Fusilli with Zucchini

Farfalle with walnut pesto and beans

Pesto Genovese

Spaghetti with meatballs

Linguine with zucchini and clams cooked risotto style

Farfalle with prawns


Spaghetti cooked Risotto Style

Lamb sauce


Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach

Fusilli with baked vegetables

Home-made gnocchi with Tuscan tomato sauce

Ricotta Gnocchi

Mezzi Rigatoni with Smoked Salmon, Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes



25 Comments Add yours

  1. cleopatra says:

    i would like recipe for pasta dough

  2. Kevin Bahr says:

    Silvia, is all pasta virtually the same recipe, but just made into different shapes?

    1. Dear Kevin, thank you for your question. No, pasta recipes vary according to the type of pasta you want, but it is safe to say that pasta from a packet is pretty much made following the one method, only cut into different shapes to match the sauce they are eaten with. Hope this helps!

      1. Kevin Bahr says:

        Grazie. I was fortunate to receive a ravioli cutter for Christmas and I’m anxious to try it out.

      2. Excellent! Let me know how you go. Happy 2013!

  3. Rev says:

    Hi Silvia, The pastas here looks so DIVINE! I want to simply eat them all right away.

    Could you please share the recipe for a Pizza dough?

  4. elsonsequeira says:

    Hi Silvia,

    All pasta’s here look divine. Could you please share with me the recipe Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

    1. I will soon, I promise!

      1. elsonsequeira says:

        THanks, will look forward 🙂

  5. Some great Italian pasta dishes above. It’s all about getting the right pasta with the right sauce. Getting it wrong can be the difference between a good or bad dish.

    1. Oh yes! And once you get it wrong, it’s all over!

  6. marisastewart says:

    Brava Silvia!!

  7. Dia says:

    Love your show Silvia. I feel like I’m in Italy again when I watch you cook. Please keep them coming!
    Grazie tanto!

  8. pasquale mazzei says:

    Portare a tavola antichi sapori non è da tutti , faccio i complimenti perché la qualità e la semplicità sono parte integrante di silvia inoltre la sua eleganza da quel tocco in più alle delizie che prepara . Oggi la tv è strapiena di programmi del genere ma la differenza sta in quello che veramente si deve gustare chiunque potrebbe fare lo schef in tv basta che crea miscugli e diventa famoso .silvia esalta gli antichi sapori in modo semplice anche se io personalmente non utilizzerei l aglio copre tutti i profumi delle cose genuine Brava elegante e semplice Silvia

  9. alifemoment says:

    Really nice page, full of nice pasta recipes, well done 🙂

  10. victoria says:

    Indeed a nice blog page. Your recipes are truly a inspiration for pasta lover like me. I love my pasta noodle fresh and homemade though (not a fan of store bought) that’s why I have my Bosco automatic pasta maker for years. Very reliable in making different kinds of pasta. I just recently upgraded my pasta machine that comes with different extrusion dies

    Btw, I served your Polpette della Nonna recipe to my family two weeks ago, and everyone loved it. Thanks to you. (I remove parsley from the ingredients though since there are few family members who are not a fan of parsley. But all in all, happy with the result).


  11. Sabine Sloan says:

    Hi. Do you have the recipe for the one pot puttenesca listed anywhere?

    1. In the description box of my Youtube channel (click on the puttanesca ep)

  12. Michel Dionne says:

    Dear Sylvia, i’ve just seen your program Made in Italy (episode 3) where you prepared a meat ragu with hand made pasta was looking delicious, but I can not find the recipe could you please help me. Grazie !

    1. For all the recipes from Made in Italy visit the SBS Australia website

  13. Sarah says:

    Hi Silvia

    Loving your recipes!

    Just watched the wot x pot ep where you made the prawn and saffron risotto (which I made last night, so delicious!). You commented on that video that you also make a lemon, scallop and leek risotto – are you able to share this recipe?

  14. Sarah says:

    Hi Silvia,

    Do you have the recipe for your leek, scallop and lemon risotto?

    1. HI Sarah, yes, in my book Silvia’s Cucina

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