My first cookbook, Silvia’s Cucina!

Silvia’s Cucina the cookbook is now available in stores and online!


My dear friends, it is with great trepidation and excitement that I can finally announce to you all that my first cookbook, Silvia’s Cucina will be released  in stores and online on September 25! This is just a day after the wonderful Matt Moran will host my book launch at his restaurant, Chiswick. Have I won the lottery, I wonder?                                                                              I have had the honour of being hand-picked by the delightful Julie Gibbs at Penguin Australia amongst a multitude of food bloggers. To this day I can’t quite fathom why she chose my blog and my story over so many on offer to her, but, here I am, exuding pride and joy as I share with you such exciting news. One thing is for sure, I would not be writing this post hadn’t I been so lucky to gather such a generous and loyal readership, so keen to explore my recipes, try them and share them with friends and family. To you all, GRAZIE MILLE! The process of writing this book has been exceptionally creative and fulfilling and it took about 18 months to go from first day of writing, to print. But there it is, my legacy in 220 pages!                         Take a look at a few images (photos by Chris Chen) and let me know what you think!

pp168-9 torta gianduja_018

pp72-3 roast capsicum salad_014

pp152-3 tuscan stew_012



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13 thoughts on “My first cookbook, Silvia’s Cucina!

  1. Oh, this is on my Christmas wish list! But you’re a hard act to follow in the kitchen, Sylvia. Thanks for sharing your culinary delights with us! x

  2. I made the pizza out of your book and my (very fussy) husband asked what I had done differently, because it was the best pizza base he had ever eaten. Thank you, I can’t wait to cook more.

  3. I just heard your ABC radio interview whilst driving and found it most interesting especially the way you described our Italian heritage of food and how you enlightened the interviewer! My family are from Friuli, my husband from le Marche and my brother in law from Abbruzzi – can’t wait to get a copy of your book!

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  6. Hi Silvia, I caught your new program by accident last Thursday….what a delightful discovery! As a health and fitness professional I was overjoyed to realise the simplicity and beauty of authentic Italian food. A lover of culture and Italian food…I am now incredibly inspired to learn how to cook authentic Italian and I am committed to find a foodie tour of scenic Italy to enjoy in the coming year or two. Thank you for sharing your cooking wisdom. If you ever plan on doing a cooking tour in Italy I will be front row!

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