Meat, fish and vegetarian second courses


Roasted snapper

Chicken Diavola

Chicken, sausage and pumpkin bake

Root vegetables oven chips

Pallotte Cacio e Ova (Stale bread and pecorino dumplings)

Chicken bake

Quinoa and chicken salad

Italian Roast Rib-Eye or T-bone (Fiorentina) 

Polpette, meatballs

Pork stew

Mussle Soup in White Wine

Cannellini beans stew

Ricotta Dumplings (gnudi)

DSC_0970 (1)


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2 thoughts on “Meat, fish and vegetarian second courses

  1. Yesterday 11 December 2014 I was watching your show. You cooked lamb but I had few vino and can’t remeber. Can you please send me recipies so that I can cook for x-mas. I like your shows. Merry x–mas chou

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