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My name is Silvia Colloca  and I am an Italian-born food lover living in Sydney, Australia.

In Silvia’s Cucina, you are invited into my kitchen to share the unfussy, delicious, recipes that have been passed down through my family for generations. My food is traditional, authentic and mostly simple, and embedded in it is the legacy of the hands of my mother and grandmother (those hands, always at work on some sauce or buried in dough!).Since leaving Italy eight years ago, I’ve seen, of course, how much Italian food is loved around the world. But I’ve also come to understand that it is a cuisine that is perceived as rich and fatty, to be approached occasionally, and then with some caution.In Silvia’s Cucina,  I am striving to change this misapprehension, by showing how to cook everyday authentic, healthy Italian food. For although the Mediterranean diet allows the occasional indulgence in rich and festive foods, people are amazed to learn just how little fat is required in everyday Italian cooking. They are also surprised to know that not every plate has garlic. Neither does it have to be dusted in parmigiano and black pepper, nor submerged in olive oil.Italians are fiercely passionate and opinionated about their food, its preparation and its consumption, and I am no exception!

Follow me on Silvia’s Cucina and I hope you will find my private insight of Italian family home-cooking joyful and inspiring.


Photo by Luke Stambouliah

10 things you should know about me

1. I am a self-proclaimed food lover

2. Although I have no official cooking training, having been exposed to Mamma and Nonna’s cooking since I was born has to count for something!

3. I am a professional actress both for stage and screen (big and small)

4. I have played the Vampire Queen twice! First in Universal Pictures’s VAN HELSING, then in UK’s comedy LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS (no kidding! and no, it is NOT porn…)

5. I am also a professional Opera singer and I attended Milan’s SCUOLA MUSICALE for 4 years.

6. I have had the joy of singing in Europe’s most beautiful theaters such as The London Palladium, Berlin’s Tempodrom, Milan’s Teatro Nazionale, among others.

7. I have become an Australian citizen in July 2013

8. I am married to Richard. We met during the shoot of VAN HELSING.  He played Dracula, I played his bride!

9. Both my children Raphael and Miro are bilingual. And cheeky.

10. In July-August 2012 I played the role of The Bride  in Malthouse Theatre production of Lorca’s BLOOD WEDDING, in Melbourne. I cooked for my cast mates most nights after the show and in between matinee and evening shows! In April-June 2013 I co-starred in Griffin Theatre production of THE BULL, THE MOON AND THE CORONET OF STARS. I cooked with my cast mate every day whilst on tour.

Love for food never leaves me!

DSCN8915 (1)


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Silvia’s Cucina the cookbook is now available in stores and online!




44 thoughts on “About Silvia

  1. Hi Silvia!
    I come from an Italian/Egyptian background and also am a self-proclaimed foodie if nothing else!I have only recently come across your web site and it gives me copious amount of pleasure making and devouring all the heart filled recipes you write about. Your ‘cozze in bianco’ are to die for and a personal favorite!

    I have become a huge fan, so please keep up the great work! I also think Richard is brilliant! I study law full time so not much time for TV however I always indulge in a weekly fix of Rake!

    Ciao Bella

  2. Wow I can say I know a star ….I live in Udine and here there are celebrities so for me it’s an honor to receive your responses.
    I started this blog to try and improve my English, because in my dreams and those of my wife there is to emigrate to Canada.
    We want to go to Canada to give a future to merit our 2 year old daughter Michelle.
    In my last post the see busy making Christmas tree. http://realitaliandish.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/breathing-in-christmas/
    Congratulations you are a great Cook

  3. Ciao Silivia, i just happened to come across your blog, and I must say that I find it very interesting, I’m Italian (Neapolitan to be exact) and have been living in Canada since I way ten years old, My husban is Milanese, Macherio. Are you also from Milano? I;m just curious…..keep up the good work. ciao

  4. I’m so happy to find you on this site. Silvia. It’s good to follow you and your food looks delicious! Italian food one of the best-maybe the best actually (smiles) I hope we’ll have the chance to work together on a beautiful movie project someday! Have a good cooking and a happy life! Jordan.

  5. Hi Silvia, it was such a joy to receive your book as a Christmas gift and I have tried quite a few recipes with great results. Quick question, do you know how to go about coating the inside of cannoli shells with dark chocolate? It stops them loosing their crunch then you can fill them the day before you need them.
    Thank you, Carolyn

    • Hi Carolyn, I’m so glad you enjoy my book!
      Now, with the cannoli dilemma… have you tried using a very smal pastry brush and twirl the chocolate around the inside of the shell. Then leave to dry standing up so that the coating drops to the bottom…. Ket me know!Silvia

  6. Hi Silvia,
    Making Focaccia at the moment, I lived in Pisa for a year as a Nanny and thats where I discovered this wonderful bread. I didn’t realise you were the bride in Van Helsing! I love that film and think you and Richard were great in it. Do you live in Australia then?
    Naysha x

  7. Ciao Silvia,
    I happily stumbled upon your lovely blog! I emigrated from the Netherlands to Italy (close to Lago Maggiore) almost 7 years ago…and enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine the most!! (I have an Italian dad, so already very familiar with Italian food).
    I will continue to follow you and your yummy recipes :D

  8. Hi

    Is it possible to find your book anywhere in Europe so I can buy it please.

    I love your blog but I love books too so I’d rather have it in hand rather then download it.



  9. Hi Silvia,

    My name is Chris Colloca I’m a chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona with a passion for food and wine. My grandparents, Sebastiano and Domenica Colloca are from the tiny village of Mitta in Calsevecchio, Sicily (near Taormina). They immigrated to the USA in 1914. I wonder if we are distant cousins?

    Anyway, my wife and I opened a winery in Upstate, NY called Colloca Estate. We would like to carry your cookbook. Do you have distribution where we could buy QTY 10-25 at a time?

    Wishing you all the best in all of your incredible endeavors. In my chiropractor role, I visit Australia each year to conduct spine research and also import Aussie wines from the Barossa on the Colloca label. Small World. :)

  10. Ciao Silvia,
    mi piacciono le tue ricette, leggere, saporite e con tante verdure, molte sono ideali anche per chi mangia vegetariano come me, quindi grazie!
    E… greetings from Italy :)

    ps: buone cose a te e a tuo marito anche per la vostra carriera cinematografica (mi sono molto divertita con il suo ‘Rake’!)

  11. Hello Silvia,
    Congratulations on your new section in Delicious magazine, fantastic!
    I was born here and my parents are Abruzzese from a village called Tocco Da Casauria – Province Pescara. And when I saw that you used ‘Centerbe’ in one of your recipes in the Delicious magazine I was quite excited as that comes from my parents town. My mum used it some sweet recipes and dad just put a dash in his espresso.
    I bought your first book when it first came out and can’t wait to buy your new one.
    Continue this passion of food and I hope Richard appreciates and loves your cooking!

  12. Hi Silvia,
    First, I want to compliment you on your delicious food photos and recipes! The editorial team at Honest Cooking is looking to add new talent to our ever-growing network of contributors and we would like you to be a part of Honest Cooking and our newest ventures, Alimentari and PAIR, that will launch in the new year. We think you would be a perfect fit for Alimentari.

    I would love to hear from you!

    Warm Regards,
    Annelise McAuliffe

    Web Editor & Events Coordinator
    Honest Cooking – The New Flavor In Food Media

    261 Madison Ave. 9th Floor
    New York, NY 10016

    International: http://www.honestcooking.com
    España: http://www.honestcooking.es
    Italia: http://www.honestcooking.it

    Join: facebook.com/honestcooking
    Follow: twitter.com/honestcooking


  13. Hi Silvia,

    Am enjoying your show on SBS. Have been trying to print the apricot cake recipe on this blog but for some reason it doesn’t print! Help!


  14. Hi Silvia,
    I’m wondering if you can tell me where you got that beautiful white polka dot dress which you wore on Tonight’s show (Sydney) -It is fabulous and my wife would love it.
    I love the show by the way
    Kind regards,

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